Friday, November 20, 2009


” Do you know that I am your home? Because I stand as your wall to lean on, protect you from every harm. I am the roof above your head, caring for everything that’ll try to break in. I provide you floor for better steps and balance. A light to brighten your dark mind. Food for nourishment. Table for serving. Doormat for welcoming. I am your home where you live in and where love will never end. And for every standing home are engineers and architects and that’s you, for you have molded me into one better home. Good enough to shelter you. You made me learn things that I never really cared for. You made me attractive and livable and complete. Love can destroy and create, but your love is pure and honest and beautiful. Sorry for writing in this style, I’m not as good as you, but I will try. I want us forever. I love you very much and I am happy.”

-G (via indiecindy)

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