Thursday, November 12, 2009


if the heart is the place where love comes from,
then where does love go when it dies?
back to the heart where it came from?
or turn into tears in the eyes?
but even if one knew the answer
what would one possibly gain?
would the knowledge of where the love has gone to
ease the heartache and the pain?
love, love, why is this feeling?
why is it born only to die?
and when it leaves you, watch it subside
to let the heart go and leave tears in your eyes
why is it one cannot realize
what a blessing a true love can be?
must one lose love to know it is priceless?
must one be blind before one can see?
where does love go when it leaves us?
this question will always remain
for we can never know the answer
until we find LOVE once again!

1 comment:

  1. wow i really love this poem

    do you know who wrote this?

    i've read this a long time ago on a collection of poems by cs canonigo (?)