Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Love is when you shed tears but still care... its when you're ignored but stil long ... its when they begin to love another, yet you'd still smile and say "I'm happy for you..."

"Love is giving the precious part of your being without asking anything in return..."

"LOvE Is nOt blInd, It Only sEEs whAt mAttErs!"

"LOVE is not something u 2 hold,its something u set free.Not something u just do,but something u don't imagine 2 be.Lastly,its not something we chooses us"...

"Love in its truest form has no language or words, it just has a thousand and one actions we all wish we could describe."

"Love is the air you breath; you can't have enough, you can't have too much."

"Love is not a thing that can be explained. Love is a blind thing that can be harsh and cruel when not shared by two people. Love can't be forced into, or made to happen; it just happens, and no one person can explain it until it happens to them."

"Love is sweet. Love is always described as a heart. You are sweet and you hold the key to my heart; that is why you are my sweetheart."

"Love is heart touching feelings of two human beings."

"Love is not blind, you just chose to not see it."

"Love is great, but being in love is much better."

"Lust is when you love what is on the outside, but love is when you lust for what is in the inside."

"Love is like a favorite song; no matter how many times it plays again, you never get tired of it!"

"Love is like art, it is hard to explain but beautiful to experience."

I don't know who compose these meanings but if you happen to know who they are please notify bu commenting on this. I only got these from my email. Thanks to love wallpapers

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