Monday, December 07, 2009


True and lasting love is not a physical attraction or an adrenaline rush when you see someone handsome who has been eyeing you across the room or your new scholarly looking mathematics professor who has been demonstrating quite an interest in you. It is not even a heady feeling unlike what movies and romance novels will tell you. So what exactly is it and how do you know when you are really in love.

Love is knowledge and this does not mean degrees or accolades but knowing the other person truly well. It is important to understand your partner, his character and personality before you can actually decide that he is the one. Or you could be in for a rude shock after making a commitment. Ask yourself if this is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, judging by the way he behaves with you as well as others.

You also need to have common life goals if you have to make it together for a lifetime. There is no point being in love with a man who expects you to make all the changes and compromises and is not ready to give up or change anything in his life for you. You can have different interests and hobbies and even like different television channels but at the end of it all, both of you need to have a common goal in life.

Never confuse love with lust. You can have smoldering passion for the man you love but that should not be the basis of your relationship. It is not sex that should be the binding factor between the two of you but a long lasting respect for each other. And always remember never to compromise your principles about premarital sex for anybody; if your man truly loves you, he will respect your decision.

True love is friendship. Even if your partner is not your best friend, at least he should be a very good friend of yours. Because only companionship will remain in the old age to keep you together long after the physical passion and looks have worn off. Only a good friend can see through your flaws and weaknesses and still like you just the same. And not be jealous every time you talk or spend time with other friends.

True love is selfless and patient and jealousy has no part to play in it. It is important to take time and build a relationship rather than rush into it and find out later who the other person really is. Quarrels are an integral part of each couple’s life but those who are looking for long term commitment know how to get past these and use it to make their relationship and marriage stronger.

In short, you know you have found true and eternal love when there is a special someone who makes every waking day more beautiful just because of his presence in your life.

To be in love is a special feeling and you can get the real essence if you are truly immersed into it.You will have to experience this Love to understand what extactly it is!

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