Thursday, February 04, 2010


Forget about all these people who say the art of how to approach women is complicated. It's not. It is in fact just plain common sense. The problem is, when guys are around hot women, common sense is anything but common. We tend to turn into approval-seeking lapdogs very quickly. Lame. To get an idea of why this is a bad thing, just put yourself in the shoes of a beautiful woman for a second:Everywhere you go people are bending over backwards for you,offering favours and basically just treating you as if you're super-special. All this and they haven't even spoken to you.  "That's not what I would call the world's biggest problem!" I hear you say.  Ever had too much ice-cream? Well as you know, too much of a good thing becomes really bad for you, fast. The fact that these people feel their value is so much lower than yours doesn't exactly scream confidence does it?. Now imagine a full year of that, from everyone. Then imagine it for the 20-odd years of a females' life, and you have a recipe for a real pertinent issue.

Remember the last time a beggar asked you for cash? How did you feel about it?  Not so good right? Of course. How come though? Well, it's because it's really clear what they want from you. So while they're pretending to like you or make small-talk, you know exactly what's about to happen. Also, I've noticed homeless people very rarely offer anything to their targets in return. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure you can remember almost every single beggar you came across that was either:

- They were smiling and fun.
- Cracking jokes.
- Putting on a show like juggling or pulling funny faces.

These guys make WAY more money. Why? They're giving value. Proof that everyone can contribute to people no matter how small, it's just a matter of mindset Well what does this have to do with women? Well, when it comes to hot women, us guys tend to behave the exact same way. I'll explain: The women are the innocent bystanders feeling awkward because they know what we (beggars) want from them.  Women know almost every guy wants to sleep with them. Most guys just want to meet a girl and take the validation and the sex without offering anything of real value to the woman first (drinks have no real value to women). It simply won't work. How about this: Behave around her just like you do your friends you've known for years.

For this to work, don't talk about how cool you are or show off in any way when you approach women. Treat her as if she's a guy. No drooling over her, buying cocktails or telling her your achievements. Just be the relaxed cool guy  that's not trying too hard. Just vibe with everyone. Share your good times with anyone you find. Share cool stories, tell jokes and  take girls to the dance-floor (yes….dance). Now, if your girl starts bragging, twirling her hair of asking you questions, she's totally into you.  This is the time when you start to decide if you would still like to sleep with her. Still want to?  The it's game on. Now you can do all those fun things: Kissing, complimenting buying her stuff. The reason  it works this way is because really beautiful women actually want to earn peoples' interest.

Everyone does in fact.  We don't appreciate the things we don't work for. So  oblige her and make her earn you. If you try these things out I  guarantee you that your dating life will become super-fulfilling Congrats! You're now one of the top 5% of men on earth  who know how to approach women.

by Author: jim con

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