Sunday, March 21, 2010


The ONN’s Today Now! welcomes self-help guru Craig Wheedon, whose bestselling book, Wake Up! He’s a Shapeshifter, helpfully explains to lovelorn women that they are in no way to blame for their endless string of bad relationships: They are merely dating the same shapeshifting reptile over and over again.

 I was actually intrigue by his book until he showed the spray where you will know if the person is a shapeshifter or not and his next book called android is something out of the box.  If there is some relationship we want to last, it is that we should work on it whether how much difficult would it be.  You could always find a partner everywhere if you would only allow yourself even if it is online dating.  Check out this online dating statistics for your reference. But again it is still up to the persons involve if they want nourish the relationship or not or if they want to continue it or not.

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