Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I remember the day I met Jon. He was 8 I was 6 at a fourth of July party of a friend of our families. Jon and my older brother Chris were getting along pretty well, and they wouldn’t let me play with them. Silly I know, but the fact that I wasn’t allowed to play because I was a girl and that really made me mad.

To make this childhood experience short I ended up pushing him causing him to sprain his wrist. Me and my family had just moved into the area so that fall I entered a new school. And to my surprise Jon went there too. Those few years in elementary school were full of chasing him on the play ground and evil stares between us. Our parents had managed to become pretty close friends so to are "pleasure" we had to spend ever more of those family dinners together. Let’s just say we weren’t actually thrilled. When I was 12 my parents got a divorce and I decided to go live with my dad about 3 hours away in New York City. So I packed my bags, and that was about it.

When I was 16 I got to the point where I really missed my mom and needed her at that point so I decided to move back to Princeton NJ for the summer with my mother. The first night I was back John’s family came for dinner. I answered the door, and there stood a man. A tall, tan, blond haired, green eyed man with an amazing smile. It was so odd that reunion. I was still frankly holding my childhood grudge, but he just smiled. I didn’t really have any friends left in the area so he asked me to come out with some of his friends that weekend. I figured what I had to loose and decided to go. It turned out to be really fun, they were all really cool. And being with Jon made me feel like a total bitch for ever being mean to him.

From the end on we were inseparable. We did everything together, we were best friends. I never met a guy who could make me laugh until it hurt. I started to build up feelings for him, which made me even more confused and cautious about how to act around him. But I doubted he would feel for me, so I just said to myself that friends were the only thing we would ever be.

It was a hot sunny august day, and Jon asked me to come canoeing with him on the river. We were both bored and even though it sounds lame we were both up for the adventure. We were rowing down the river for about an hour having an amazing time when suddenly it started to rain. Not really rain more like storm and thunder. We thinking it would pass so we tried to wait out. But when it didn’t he had by accident flipped the canoe on us both. So quickly, we both got under the flipped canoe for shelter?

He then told under the canoe that he loved me from the first moment he saw me and that I was so perfect and no other girl was like me. Without a word I kissed him. That afternoon not only did it mark the day I lost my virginity but the first day in the rest of my life. We were together for 8 years until I graduated college and married him.

It was a real fairy tale, we bought a big house and we had three wonderful children. Fairy tales really do come true.

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