Wednesday, September 22, 2010


All families or even individuals have to pay all debts and expenses whether it is about daily basic needs or luxury. Some families consider this a major problem especially if all bills have to be paid at the same due date. One of these expenses we are talking about is the maintenance of your car. Even if it is a brand new car, you still have to have to get it under maintenance. Through personal experience, I must say cars when maintained properly last longer and doesn’t go to a stall every once in a while. Even though it is already a 10 year old car, if it is well maintained you could still feel that the car is in good shape.

Although, having your car properly maintained is not a cheap one for as the car gets old, it gets more expensive for you have to replace other parts like fan belt, air cooler, gas filter, spark plugs, air intake systems, oil filter and the likes. Well this is all necessary to have your car in top performance always.

I have experienced all of these when I tried to have our car checked and maintained. They will say, “Oh sir, your car has already reached the 80k mark reading and we have to replace this and this and this.” I guess the manufacturer of the car knows when and why they have to replace those parts at that mark.

We might think of this kind of maintenance as unnecessary and you could save a lot of money by not spending it on car’s maintenance but have taught of the benefits it could give when you always have a car that is always in top shape? Well it could be as beneficial to the whole family for it could bring the whole family to a place they wanted for them to have a fun and share experience and have a meaningful quality time with each other. Would you not love that? Just imagine having a trip with your family and suddenly the car broke, what suppose to be a fun weekend with the family would turn into a disaster and dismay. Think twice if you do not want your car in top shape and have it maintained and check always because you are thinking of the expenses.

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