Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am the world's worst at ruining all of my oven mitts and pot handles. I love to buy so many cute ones, including little cheap holiday decorative ones that have things like pictures of black cats faces (Halloween) and reindeers (Christmas). But the thing about the little cheap holiday themed ones that I just can't resist is that I'm always grabbing pots and cookie sheets with them and the decorations on them melt onto them and ruin them. That's happened way too many times to count.

I was sick of looking at melted on holiday characters every time I would get out my cookie sheets to cook something on them that I decided to invest in a new set of cooking sheets and casserole pans. So I used my hughes satellite internet service to look up some high quality ones that were especially stain and rust resistant. I found some that I liked a whole lot and had them express shipped to my house. Then, just so I wouldn't be tempted, I ordered some higher quality Halloween-themes dish towels and a pot holder with my hughesnet internet packages so I wouldn't be tempted to by the cheap stuff that always transfers.

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