Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you and your partner is having a plan of expending the holidays on a vacation to another country where do you want to go? Usually the choice of place would be Las Vegas, Australia, Thailand, Hongkong, London, Paris, Italy, Macau, Brazil and other wonderful places to visit to. Have you tried having China holidays? China is a very big country with a very rich history that last 5,000 years and up to now making histories with the design and construction of amazing and modern establishments and structures. Let us see some of the highlights of the beauty of China:

1. The Great Wall of China – Yup, the very first thing that will cross anyone’s mind, when you talk about China for it is one that symbolizes its people. The local Chinese always says: “If you haven’t climbed the Great Wall, you are not a real man.” The Great Wall of Chine talks about military tactics, engineering, history, success, failure. In short, it tells a lot about china and its people. Most tourists would say: “If you haven’t climbed Great Wall, you haven’t seen China.”

2. The Forbidden City – It is located in Beijing and it is the world’s largest group of classical palace buildings that serve the Chinese Imperial Palace for a couple of Dynasties. It represents a lot of China’s great history. It is now a iconic landmark among the fast modern developments of structures in the metropolis.

3. Modern Architectural Structures - If you will notice, most of China’s history are focus on structures that they have used and help them through success. Now, China is doing it again by investing on amazing and futuristic designs through marvelous engineering and architectural aspects. The recent start of this was before the Olympics 2008 now they are even building more and more fantastic structures for events that they will be hosting. Some of the structures to be watch are the Central Chinese Television (CCTV) in Beijing, the Water Cube or National Aquatics Centre in Beijing, Dongtan Eco City in Shanghai, Beijing National Stadium in Beijing, National Grand Theatre also in Beijing and many other wonderful structures found in China. The list is long and is continuously increasing.

These are only 3 aspects of China and there are still lots to mention. Try to visit the country to experience it for yourself and you might find yourself craving for more of China. Enjoy the trip.

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