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Ever wonder how to get more guys to notice you? Women spend a tremendous amount of time and preparation trying to get the attention of men. But, why is it that some women attract men like flies, while others languish in anonymity?

Getting a man to notice you is not nearly as complicated as it seems. Men notice all women, but it’s important to understand that women attract attention for different reasons. Some women get noticed because of their lack of attire, while others light up a room with their effervescent personalities. Some women command attention because of they are well versed on current events and others because they know every score of every game.

On the other hand, there are other women who are noticed for not having any significant presence at all. These women melt into their environment like chameleons, seemingly begging not to be seen. They have attracted attention, but are quickly dismissed as being a “Plain Jane” or just uninteresting.

To get a men’s attention, a woman needs to be like a flower hat is either blossoming or in full bloom. She needs to learn the delicate balance of displaying herself, without being a spectacle. And she needs to understand a few simple principles on how to be noticed.

  • Appearance

It’s always important to dress to impress, but you don’t have to be a peacock. Revealing too much too soon leaves noting to the imagination, and guys develop preconceived ideas about women based on their appearance.

Clothing that is fitting for the occasion is both practical and makes a statement of self assurance. Wearing hot pants to the bowling alley will certainly get a lot of attention, but for all the wrong reasons. Men always expect women to be neat. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it real, but trust me, guys are not interested in women wearing curlers to the grocery store.

  • Making an Unforgettable Entrance

When entering a room or gathering, have a commanding presence. That doesn’t mean you have to be loud or boisterous. A confident, but casual smile lets men know that you are comfortable with who you are. If you wear make-up, it should be natural and appropriate for the time of day. Too much make-up makes a man think that a woman is hiding something.

Walking with a strong, upright stride is also a sign of confidence. It gives the impression that a woman is fit and in good health. Though different men have different tastes in women, most men like women who spend time taking care of themselves, and women who appear fit attract a lot more attention from men.

  • Non-Verbal and Verbal Communication

Think of non-verbal communication as an appetizer, and verbal communication as the main course. Non-verbal communication teases a man’s appetite to learn more about you. Your eye contact, facial expressions, and body language should be open and inviting. You should look without staring, smile without forcing it, and sit or stand in a lady-like but welcoming manner.

Also, take the time to brush up on your verbal communication skills. Develop knowledge about what’s going on in the world and in your community. Not only does that give you something to talk about, but it also broadens you as a person. Having some idea of what sport is in season can also be helpful.

Men notice women who are engaging. One of the most frustrating experiences for a man is to feel like he has to work to have a conversation. Comfortable interaction makes the time spent with you much more memorable, and leaves a lasting impression.

Most of all though, be yourself. Be proud of everything you have. Love yourself more. It will create attractive qualities in you. Once you start loving you, you will understand the meaning of love and you will also desire to be loved by somebody. Contentment will add more glow to your personality and the people around you will notice this quality in you very easily.

Be original, people don’t like copies. Guys can tell if you’re being fake. Although some love the superficial girl, but in the long run, not so much.

Learning how to get guys to notice you is a skill developed over time. Start with an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses then work on improving those areas where you need the most help. Once you master the skills to get one guy to notice you, you’ll find that others will become much more interested. Before long, you’ll also be attracting men like flies.

Oh, and one more thing… Keep a smile. No guy or person for that matter will ever approach someone with a straight face. You girls know who you are, walking in your oversized sunglasses doing those death stares. Sexy? I think not. Smile and walk with confidence, not bitchiness.

Thanks to awrightworld for this one.

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