Sunday, November 06, 2011


I've a warm and friendly feeling As I think of you today,
And I wish that we could visit, But you're many miles away.

Separated by such distance, Yet your letters bring you near,
Through the miles we share a friendship That's become to me most dear.

Friends through correspondence only,Still your face I need not see,
For your soul shines through the pages Every time you write to me!

Your special way of writing, Warming as the sunshine rays,
Brings joy and inspiration, And brightens up my days.

You've enriched my life, my dear friend, And I hope God wills we meet,
Friendship's Road is so much nicer Traveling with one so sweet!

(I got this from my email way back 2005.. just sharing it.. enjoy)


  1. Having a long distance friend is not easy. You have to communicate with him/her as often as you can to catch up with everything about ehr especially if your friend has problems.

  2. I have a Friend whose faithful loveIs more than all the world to me;It's higher than the heights above,And deeper than the boundless sea. —Anon.