Friday, June 08, 2012


This is so me or should I say us! Yes, us! On the first image it’s actually our everyday routine of my han before and after our work. We see to it that we can still see each other every day through cam, and talk every minute of the day, text and phone calls. We’ve been together for almost five years now and even if we have a long distance relationship that strengthens our love more each day.


I know it’s not that easy to have this kind of relationship but this is what we want, we’re going to fight for it till the end and that’s the main reason why were still together till now. I can’t say that our relationship is perfect because nothing is perfect especially with this kind of situation. Even if we have our misunderstanding sometimes, we see to it that we are going to fix and talk about it. Ups and down in a relationship is normal as long as at the end of the day you’re still the same couple or person who loves and understand each other. <3

another image.....perfect! ahahah
sooooo cute isn't? hope you like it too...<3
anyway gonna end this post now and it's time to go to dreamland nyahaha! 
goodnight everyone! mwah!


  1. wow. i love how relationships grow though they're apart.. :) it only proves how love can travel. I also have a friend that they're in a Long Distance Relationship for 2 years now. still there love for each other is strong.. 

    I believe that everything is possible if you really LOVE and TRUST each other! <3 happy for you guys!

  2. I've never had a long distance relationship unless you consider Laguna - Manila one. I was in high school then so I did consider it long distance but apparently, Laguna isn't that far away from Manila when you're 21 years old. Haha!

    Not that I am against LDR but I have never seen a relationship like this work. Some stay "together" but one of them cheats all the time. Sadly, I've witnessed a lot of cheating that's why I am scared to commit to a relationship like this. Especially for me who has never been in a real LDR but still get cheated on. :| LOL

    But I hope yours would work really good. I wish you and your partner well. :)