Saturday, August 11, 2012


We have some videos that did their wedding activity underwater whether it is the sea or just a swimming pool. First on our list is the first and only marriage in Aquarius and it was done in 1996. Aquarius is a vessel that made exploration under the sea and the discoveries made at Aquarius have opened our eyes to how little we really know about the vast complexity of the ocean. It is one of the planet's most important brain trusts, and this is part of its last scheduled mission. 
The next video is from Laguna Beach California wherein they titled it A Trash the Wedding Dress photoshoot which they did the next day after the wedding.  
  The next video is titled Costa Rica Underwater Wedding - Pura Vida  
 The last and not the least video is title Underwater wedding Harsha + Keshala  
You might be the next to do it.

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