Wednesday, December 16, 2009


They say that only time can heal the wounds of a broken heart. Time makes it easier to accept the loss of people we love. It is a chain that all of us go through – falling in love and getting hurt. Getting hurt and vowing not to love again. Promising not to love again and becoming miserable all our lives.

It isn’t easy getting up on our feet after a crippling fall, but there is just no other way but to stand up and move on. Nobody wants to become unhappy all his life. All of us know how love can bring magic into our lives. Have you ever realized how good it felt waking up in the morning knowing that somewhere out there, there’s a person who’s also thinking of you and feels exactly the way you do? Doesn’t it feel good looking forward to being with that person and spending memorable moments with him? Love brings joy beyond compare and that warm and sparkling glow in each of us. Love brings us to the top of the world where we can conquer just about any obstacle that may come along our way. It is a great feeling love is. There is probably nothing else in this world that can compare to this.

There may be many of us who feel that love has passed us by and finding someone we can share our lives with seems to be such a remote possibility. We watch our trains go by as time swiftly drifts away from us. We may be in control of our lives but we feel somewhat helpless in our relationships. There is nothing permanent in this world and not even those we cherish would be with us forever. There is no guarantee that comes with loving. It is always a risk getting involved with someone. But it is a risk that we have to take if we want to find real happiness. For there is no gain without pain, there is no permanence without commitment, and there is no lasting love without constant sacrifice.

The tragedy of love is in getting hurt. The tragedy of getting hurt is in not wanting to love again. And the tragedy of not wanting to love again is in being alone all our lives. If it is what we want to be, then we could just stay in our shell and be miserably forgotten. But, if it is love we choose, then there is the promise of a new life, the joy of being able to share that life with someone and hope of finding something beautiful and keeping it forever.

thanks to chellibeans for this.

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