Sunday, January 17, 2010


Do you have music playing when you make love? I hope you do so let’s assume you do. Do you notice that you like to put on the same play list, over and over, at least some of the time? The one you remember having the best lovemaking to? The one that you can hum to and that you anticipate will take you to the same high, ecstatic places you went before?

Because your brain knows what song comes next (You’ve been listening to this music for awhile now, haven’t you!) it can carry on even without the music. Your brain anticipates the next song and is already there, before you can actually acknowledge it. Let’s hope your lover likes it too because this same music is putting the two of you into a kind of trance together - a mirror neuron trance.

Assuming this is music you both love, your brains are synchronizing to the music. Your brains are together on this one and they are both anticipating the next words, the next song on the list and the specific pleasure that went along with the songs. They are creating: ‘between-brain oscillatory couplings’. Couplings = good. So music helps you to make more connections through brain synchronizing. This then effects bodily movements and even the anticipation of great pleasure…

thanks to laya for this

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