Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good literatures are sometimes found unexpected .  Good literatures are sometimes not meant to be known by many so if you happen to find one better share it.  Eft in tumblr manage to find and share Mga Salamisim ng Pagsuyo, Katipunan ng mga Tula at Sanaysay ni Julio F. Silverio and was published on 1968. The image above is its cover and the images on this book are drawn by Ruben M. Fabian.  I do not have a copy of this and have not read it too but I can see from one of the pages (image below), I can say this one is worth reading and sharing. 


  1. ARIANE SILVERIO CANALESAugust 20, 2011 at 6:36 AM

    i still have a copy of it at our home in Bulacan, When I asked my late grandfather who the girl in this poem is, he just gave me a grin, ;) ... I really missed the old man...

    --- Ariane Silverio Canales

  2. Ariane Silverio CanalesAugust 20, 2011 at 6:46 AM

    Sa gunam-gunam nitong aking diwa,
    Muling nanumbalik ang dating gunita,
    Alaala ng lumipas, nagdulot ng tuwa,
    Yaring aking puso, sa iyo'y nangulila...

    Nasaan ka man ngayon, ay mananatili,
    Kadakilaan mo, iingatan kong lagi,
    Paalam ang laging sinasambit nitong labi,
    Naging kadluan ka nitong buhay kong sawi...

    Nawa'y manariwa sa isip ng balana,
    Pangalan mo't dangal, ay di malimutan,
    Magkita man tayo muli sa hukay man,
    Sa bisig mo ako, muli ay mahagkan...

    ---para kay JFS---
    ---mula kay ASC---

  3. Ariane Silverio CanalesAugust 20, 2011 at 7:09 AM

    My mind is confused,  my chest is pounding
    When you first said " I love you"
    I'm hesitant because i thought you will feel sensitive
    Cannot say anything because I also love you...

    Now that you now that I love you
    Even if you feel lowly of me, i won't get angry
    Though I maybe cursed, up to the heaven's extent
    I am willing to sacrifice because I love you...

    Even if you neglect me
    Tenfolds of hapiness is with me
    Even though I am last in your choice
    I am begging because I love you...

    If ever my heart would become lucky,
    And always be with your heartwarming care
    I thank God now that you did at last to say,
    Because I love you so much, we would wholly become happy...

    ---Translation By ASC---

  4. oh wow.. really.. that is great.. wooaa.. your grandfather is great.. if you happen to go back to bulacan can you share it to us.. even if its scan it would be great.. please..

    hahaha. so that girl would not be your grandma I guess.. :-)

  5. i'll try to share it with you guys when i find the book. i had to scour our library again to find it. Thanks for appreciating the works of my late grandfather, he is truly one of a kind. Btw, he wrote those poems when he was still a bachelor, that's why, :)

  6. waaaa.. you must have a vast collection of books.. my wish is to have a home library someday :-)

    We hope you find the book soon..  thanks for the effort of sharing it with us.. 

    well your grandfather must have been a very good looking chick magnet guy... :-) he could not have wrote those beautiful poems without experiencing it...  good poems comes from the heart...and having the reader experience the same feeling..