Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have a friend who happens to be an Italian is now here in the Philippines to work on a job for 2 years at Clark Air Base in Angeles, Pampanga. He has seek my aid to help him find second hand cars. His first words were "compro auto usate." He said it would be just temporary so he asked me to buy used cars only. He said he cannot find any website that were selling used cars here in the nearby area. His exact words were "vendita auto usate." I have to always ask him from time to time if what he means on the words he said. He said his family will be also staying with him on his stay on the country and that is the main reason he wanted to buy a car. He also said that at his place at Milan, there is a great and trusted company called Garage Del Parco who sell and buy used cars and they even have a wonderful website where you could transact with them online.

Garage Del Parco who started as a simple garage that offers assistance and sold some cars or as they say “auto usate milano” is now a modern dealership for cars. The company was established as early as 1978 and through that time, the company have established values for customer satisfactory. These have gained them guaranteed and trustworthy customers. Whether you are looking for a car or selling one, they surely will help you until you are satisfied.

I toured nearby car stores around Clark Air Base and check them all. Moving from one store to another store and comparing their car specifications and prices and after one week of finding the best car we finally made a decision and bought the best car we found.  Now he and his family can go to places they like without hassles.  If I am not mistaken they are planning to go first in Bagiuo Ctity.

If there is only a car dealer in the area that have a website like Garage Del Parco, we could have save a lot of time in finding a good car that we could have done in one day if they only have a website.

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