Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I had a conversation with a friend last week and we are talking the whole time about customizing cars. She said she is in a six month relationship right now and she wants to give her boyfriend a give a gift this coming Christmas. Her boyfriend has a hobby of customizing his two wonderful babies: one 2005 Honda Accord and one F150 Ford Truck. She told stories on how his time for her was split because of his hobby and how often they fight because of this. Now she does not know what she will buy for him. All she knows is that it must something to do with customizing cars. She has two already eyeing two things that she might consider in buying; one is a new seat cover for his Accord and the other one is a truck exhaust for his F150. But she said, his boyfriend has wanted to buy a new exhaust for his truck for months now but still cannot buy one because of other expenses.

All I said was that she should buy what would make her and his boyfriend happy. I also said that if she thinks that buying these expensive stuffs would make her happy and her boyfriend as well then go for it. Buying gifts or giving something to a love one does not really have to be expensive and it may be worthless for all we know, what matters is that you are happy giving it and you know your love will be too. If the smile and gratitude from the love one you gave a gift to will make you happy and make you feel all the expense and effort worthwhile then I think it is not a bad idea if it is an expensive gift. Just remember this, even if your gift is the most expensive in the world if the one you will be giving it would mean nothing to him or they will not appreciate it then it is just a waste of money, effort and time.

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