Monday, November 15, 2010


Well I got this from lickystickypickyme of Tumblr and I do not know if this is a good thing or not.  Do you want to have your wedding in a fast food chain just like any ordinary meal hehehe.  Give me your thoughts about couples who are getting hitched and have a penchant for fast food can now tie the knot in McDonald’s restaurants.

These so-called ‘McWedding’ ceremonies include a buffet of burgers and a wedding cake built out of apple pies. However, there is a hitch. The outlets where the weddings can be held will remain open to the public. Worse still, guests looking forward to a drink will be disappointed because the McDonald’s alcohol ban will still be in force at the restaurants.

Nevertheless, the weddings will be available at the chain’s branches in Hong Kong from January, with each ceremony costing £250 a pop. Helen Cheung, director of corporate communications of Hong Kong McDonald’s, said the idea came about when a couple who met at a branch held their wedding reception there.

‘Over the past two years we’ve started receiving calls from people who want to have a wedding party in our restaurants,’ she added.  ‘People said they’d dated or met there and wanted to get married there. We see this as a business opportunity.’