Friday, November 12, 2010


Right now I am deciding few options for this blog. First, do I have to change Miyabe Tayo domain into a main domain and have it place in a web site hosting company. This will only mean yearly expenses on the domain name and hosting services. Well, I know that there are hosting services there that offer great services and features yet on a very low price. All I have to do is select carefully. I just do not think that a blog with this kind of content would be good or worth it for a main domain. If you know an advantage on why should I use a main domain, please tell me. Or if you have any idea on how can I add features for this blog please let me know.

Second, I was thinking of using a custom subdomain from one of my domain instead of purchasing a main one. But I am thinking what would be its difference to a blogger account. Is there a difference really either than it would look cooler than having a free blogging platform. This gives me the third option and that is by sticking to a blogspot subdomain.

I am no expert on this one so if any of you knows what I am dealing right now please let me know. I want to know the disadvantages and advantages of the options I am thinking of. I wish to buy a domain for this one and have it hosted on a stable server. I hope to get more positive reactions on my choice for the moment.

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