Monday, February 14, 2011


Dear you,

So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. (TODAY) This will be the first time when I won’t feel lonely, even though I don’t have a valentine. I’ve mentioned this previously, but God’s really using you to teach me patience. My faith and hope in Him grows more and more as I await the day we find one other. I honestly can’t wait for us to meet; for us to be united as one and bound to one another for eternity, and for us to spend our first ‘Valentine’s Day’ together. And I honestly believe that we should treat each other special every day, not just on a designated day to do so. We should be able to buy each other gifts whenever we like, and have romantic dinners and nights in whenever we please, not on a day when its deemed as an obligation to do such things. I want us to fall in love with each other more and more each day, and to fall in love with Him deeper. I’ll be thinking of you, tomorrow. I know we have an exciting life ahead of us, and I know that you’re amazing, because God chose you especially. We will definitely have a far from boring and average life, and I can’t wait for the wacky things to come. The secret’s we discover about one another, the private jokes, the silly things we do, and all our absolutely weird habits, haha. Our wedding day is what I’m looking forward to the most. I can’t wait for us to plan an amazing wedding that suits us both, because that day will the most miraculous of all. A day of joy, praise, and a day to take delight in the Lord, and thank Him for uniting us. But above all, I can’t wait to look into your eyes when you say ‘I do.’ You’re so precious, and so very beautiful, whether you acknowledge it or not, and I hope wherever you are tomorrow, whether you have a Valentine’s or not, that you have an amazing day. And I pray what ever state of mind you’re in, and wherever you are on your walk with God, or even if you haven’t begun it yet, I just proclaim His blessing, His favour, and His mercy over your life.

Love forever and always,


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  1. Hi there, nice letter, I've also done that before, writing to my future husband...and you know what we have finally found each other, truly the Lord has His own love story for each of us....Godbless you :-)

    by the way followed your blog.