Saturday, February 19, 2011


It is already almost the month of March and that means Valentine’s Day is over. Did you have a wonderful time with your love one or are you one of those men or women who stayed at home and watched TV or just stayed up late in front facebook or twitter? If you are one of them, well there are two words or tips I share to my single friends and those words are move and explore. You need to be friendly and start communicating to a lot of people whether it is offline or online. You need people to notice you. Waiting for the right guy or gal to find you and love you will never going to work anymore like they always say. Imagine you are inside a box without a hole. How can they find you if you are not going to show them your beauty, your talents, your skills and your personality if you are hiding and scared?

So how are you going to mingle with people and explore? Well for offline; go to colleague’s and friend’s parties or any events. You will never know who you might meet and you will never know if there are opportunities for you both in career and love life. Well for online there are countless ways on how can you move and explore. First, there are social networks like Twitter and Facebook. I know a lot of people ending up with a partner with these social network giants. Second, there are online dating sites like BeNaughty where you could find other single person just like you searching for a partner. Third, just find them, and interact and in the internet, there are countless possibilities.

Just remember, be yourself and be confident about yourself. Impression always last so make it an impression at first.

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