Thursday, March 10, 2011


“The buzzing freneticism of intense emotion, especially new love, is a type of spiritual high, and you only feel misery when you imagine losing it, imagine that you will be thrust downwards as forcefully and uncontrollably and inevitably as you were borne aloft. You choose the futures that you foresee, and the loss is an illusion.
Indeed, the ‘having’ is an illusion as well, but a sweet one at that.

As David Deida once wrote, jealousy is the sting of false hope. False hope that something, or someone, will finally make you happy, or fill a void deep within. You become jealous of those who have what you think would make you happy. But you are wrong. No object, relationship, or experience will ever make you happy, or open, or fulfilled. Nothing outside of you can really touch the core within if your soul does not choose to lead the dance. I can say it no better than he did:

Great answer to “Why does love make one miserable and jealous?” on Quora... read more...

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