Thursday, May 26, 2011


If you are like most people, you are terrified of blind dates, which is probably why you are certain you have never been on one. After all, you have always said no to all your well-intended friends who tried to set you up. But are you so certain you have never been on a blind date?

Most of us don’t stop to think about it, but we go on more blind date than we think. What is a blind date? At first, the easy answer is going on a date with some you know nothing or very little about. Usually, you have never even seen the person. Some other times, you have seen a picture and got some information from the matchmaker that usually goes along the line of “he is so cute, you are going to love each other.”

Now, let’s consider the last time you went on a date. was it someone you met at a party? Or did you meet online? Or maybe you met at the coffee shop around the corner, or during happy hour after work on Friday evening. The truth is, despite everything we believe, more often than not, we know very little about the person we will be meeting for the first date. In fact, if you met the person online, you cannot swear you know what the person looks like.

Whether we like the idea or not, most date are blind. The super cute girl at the party last night can’t actually hold a conversation that interest you for five minute and her favourite word is “OMG”. The sexy dude you always see at the coffee shop is so full of himself you have to hold yourself from throwing up. And your online date, well, she forgot to mention the picture was her ten year younger version.

Blind date isn’t just when all your married friends try to see you join the club by setting you up with the first single they can meet. Blind date is also when you willingly meet with someone you thought had potential just to discover two minutes in the meeting that you must have had one too many drinks when you agreed to the date.

But more importantly, what’s blind about the date isn’t the other person, or the very little we know about him. What make a date blind is our own inflated expectations, our overenthusiastic dreams, and our hopes beyond hopes that suddenly we are going to meet the one walking down the street and he will sweep us off our feet.

It’s normal to be nervous before any kind of date, but particularly a blind date, since you don’t know if the person will like you or if you will like the other person. Try to relax and take a deep breath.

Try to get as much information as possible about the other person before the date from your mutual friend. Any hint as to his or her interests, career, personal life and personality is useful. Make a careful mental note of everything you learn and mention or inquire about it at some point.

The blind on a blind date is each one of us who choose to close her eyes and see what he or she wants. This is not to say we shouldn’t dream or hope. It’s only to say as long as we hope too much, and expect too much before we have even had a decent conversation with someone, we will always be going on a blind date. via-awrightworld

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