Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Before, photographs are taken to capture an event and serve as a memory.  You tend to look at it and reminisce on what happened on that day.  It may be a happy, grand, sad, distasteful, joyous, catastrophic event it does not matter.  What matter is that when you look at it, you tend to remember something about that picture and memories starts to crawl on your mind.

Now, I see a lot of pictures taken even there is no event.  I see a lot of images being taken of same faces in different angles or poses. I see photographs of someone's fingernails or someone's henna.  I see photographs of people being shot as they happen but in a fashion manner, where the number one rule is you to look good at it.  It does not matter if I have to take that pose a hundred times as long as I get the right photo.  That is the beauty of technology and being digital.

Now, photographs are being use as evidence of you life and how good your life is.  They are all use as something to be shared on the social networking websites like facebook and twitter.  It is use for all to see and be viewed.  So being great in that photograph is a must.  I have even heard people deleting images on someones folder because they do not look good on it and others are even editing their images on softwares just so they would look nice on it.

So, the question lies is that do you choose, quality pictures or quantity pictures?  I would prefer both but I would prefer photos taken on its natural way of the activity or event and not someones telling you always to stand still on that corner and  wait for the click.  I am not saying that we should not pose one corner but I am suggesting not always.  I would love to see pics and flashbacks of memories would come out at the moment you look at it.  I stumbled on some san luis obispo wedding photographers and I was stunned on the images they took.  They have images of wedding events in a natural, unsymmetrical, and dramatic.  Even if you are not in that event, you will feel as if you are part of that scene.

The images taken by these wedding photographers san luis obispo have given me perspectives on how photos should be taken.  The memories that it would serve - the time, the experience, the story, the sharing.

Oh by the way, the image on the top is one image taken by them.  Thanks for the learning.

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