Saturday, June 04, 2011


When you started courting or seeing someone, you wanted to look good, handsome or beautiful and fresh always. You wanted to smell good as well. You are conscious always about your posture and appearance. You would stand on your closet and pick the right dress for that moment. You would always comb your hair or even change it a bit using your Curling Irons and Hair Blow Dryer so he or she would see something different in you. The bottom line is you always want to impress the one you are dating in every manner.

But when that someone you are dating becomes your partner already, one thing that is somehow neglected is that part of you wherein you always want to impress your partner with your appearance and posture. You tend to forge taking care and grooming yourself. You do not care how you look and smell because you believe it does not matter anymore.

Well you are wrong, it still does matter. Your partner would love to see you look great in front of her and her friends, family, and relatives. I did not say that you should look good always but make it sure during a special occasion you look beside your partner.

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Remember, always look good.


  1. There was a song that expressed this very sentiment. I believe it was called "Hey Little Girl" by Jack Jones.  Enjoy your blog and am now following it . I hope that you will visit my blog too and follow if you like it. Blessings for a beautiful day. Catherine 

  2. wow thanks for sharing that music.. I search it and I thinks its called "Wives and Lover" I may be wrong.. but its a great song.. love it..classy

  3. I totally agree with your thoughts here. I have always wondered why when people get together the last person they work at looking good for is their partner. People tend to worry about what they look like to strangers than their loved one. It is another one of those wallpaper syndromes that many partners fall into.