Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I know that the only thing keeping us apart is the miles between us. If it weren’t for that, I know for a fact that you’d be right here right now, cuddling underneath this blanket with me before I fall asleep. I honestly don’t know how I used to get through the day before you came into my life, but I really can’t see myself getting by without you there now.

And I know that for now the closest thing to having you by my side when I sleep is with the help of technology. For now, that will have to do. But one way or another, I will be right next to you at night. I need to be next to you. Because I need to fall asleep knowing that everything precious to me is safe. And where else would you be safer than in my arms.

i love you so much.....

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  1. very true.. technology makes distance a nonsense word.. love this post great..

  2. I guess if you find someone that this applies to its great, but I like the via part the best.  I hope that is o.k.. but it is just me. 
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. 
    Blessings, Catherine