Friday, September 09, 2011


1. kiss you every day
2. steal your jackets because im always cold
3. come to all your basketball games
4. help you with your homework
5. send you cute texts
6. always laugh at your jokes
7. take lots of pictures (even though you hate them)
8. never take you for granted
9. surprise you
10. give you long hugs
11. call you before i go to bed
12. always make time for you
13. remind you of your greatness
14. brag about you
15. bake you brownies
16. take you to a laker game
17. make each day an adventure
18. listen
19. give you advice
20. be your best friend
21. open up my heat for you
22. be honest with you
23. cuddle up to you on the couch
24. drive to your house to watch movies
25. learn from you

26. pick out an “our song”
27. kiss you on the cheek
28. kiss your hair
29. listen to your heart beat
30. lay with you
31. chase you
32. play board games
33. meet your family
34. tell you silly things
35. make you feel important
36. get you balloons on your birthday
37. and an ice cream cake because its your favorite
38. draw you pictures in class
39. doodle your name with hearts on my papers
40. enjoy my time with you
41. make your dreams a realitity
42. watch the clouds with you
43. go to an amusment park with you
44. again, kiss you all the time
45. try my hardest
46. play with your hair
47. hold your hand
48. cry on your shoulder
49. take you seriously when neccesary
50. never give up on you

51. make you smile
52. draw words on your back and make you guess them
53. be my self
54. make you laugh
55. tell you my secerts
56. send you funny pictures
57. call you first when something happens
58. make you my family
59. notice the small things
60. appreciate you
61. whisper in your ear beautiful things
62. make you give me piggy back rides
63. give you silly nicknames
64. support you
65. print things for you
66. tell you everything
67. share anything i have with you
68. be there for you, when no one else will be
69. get jealous when other girls look at you
70. be patient with you
71. tickle you
72. kiss your neck
73. never intentionally hurt you
74. challenge you
75. marvel at your intelligence

76. cook for you
77. stare at you
78. fall asleep on you
79. teach you something
80. take care of you when your sick
81. hold onto you when im scared
82. value your opinion
83. tell you what a beautiful person you are
84. respect you
85. make every moment last
86. fall asleep to your voice
87. kiss you in the rain
88. sacrifice things for you
89. defend you
90. write about you
91. always find a way to be touching you
92. get you mad then kiss you
93. study with you
94. make you a priority
95. find an “our spot”
96. never forget you
97. open your heart up and find a spot for me
98. be happy
99. never let go

100. make you fall in love with me

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