Saturday, October 15, 2011


Let me start sharing with you guys some of my personal experiences in life especially about love! Last week my mom asked our helpers to clean our stock room and ask to throw all the things that are not being used. I was with them by that time to check on my things. My little sissy saw one paper bag full of letters. She asks me in front of mamiyo and our helpers if that was mine. I didn’t say anything so she opens one of the letters and read it aloud. Waaaa! I was really shocked, even a single word did not come out into my mouth to stop what she’s reading. Ahaha! mamiyo kept on laughing at me. All of them are smiling and teasing me. They know me as a snob person but after hearing some of my letters from my first boyfriend they started to tease me. They didn’t expect that I can be that sweet and cheesy! Ahaha! My mom knows this guy because he is my brother’s friend. By the way I was already in high school by that time…years had passed but I still have a copy of this letters..ahahah! woah! Didn’t really expect that! Now what to do on this letters? Hmmm? Ahhaha!

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  1. That's a lot of letters , hmm, you can post them all in your blog for documentation :)) :))