Monday, April 30, 2012


They say running a virtual team from almost any part of the world is really hard to manage.  It is like having a long distance relationship where you need to see her and talk to her almost everyday.  Where you have to know what she or he is doing in the very minute.  Even though there is the notion of the word TRUST, you still have to make sure he or she is alright and check their activities most of the time.  It maybe bugging for some, but it is a sign that they care and they love you.  Just like in managing a virtual team, you have to know what they are doing in their working hours without you beside them.  So how do you do this?

Well of course there are instant messenger applications out there that you can use with integration to web camera.  The problem with this one is that you can only see them but not their monitors.  So you will not have an idea if they are really working or just browsing the internet or having conversation with friends.  Furthermore, you could only monitor several members of your team.  What if you are already handling almost 100 persons.  That could be really difficult.

 Are you aware of My Team Monitor?  It is a Employee Monitoring Software that will be installed to your computer and your virtual employees.  It is easy to install and you do not need a server or an IT expert to have it working.  Actually you can setup it under one minute.  It can monitor up to 100 virtual employees and you can manage them just by using your browser.  So what does it do?

1.  Record working hours
2.  Take regular screenshots
3.  Track keystrokes.
4.  Track mouse clicks.

With these features you can be rest assured of efficient productivity and tracking productivity problems.  Thus, you could gain productivity by having the Employee Monitoring Software called My Team Monitor.

I think there is another use for this Employee Monitoring Software and this could be to monitor your love partner or a member of the family living in the other side of the world as well.  Have a nice day everyone.

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