Saturday, May 05, 2012


A friend of mine, who happens to be a freelance head hunter and we had a chance to chat the other day.  She showed me this wonderful recruiting software that she is using right now and manage all the job recruiting activities and other related to it that she needed for her job.   Actually this software is very much useful to Head Hunters and Human Resource Groups or Companies.  So what does it actually do?  

With it she now has a Career Center Manager where now it can manage the career or job opportunities she is seeking in her website and those can be seen by job seekers and from there they can send all necessary documents needed as well as answer employment related questions.  Furthermore, aside from her website she can actually send the job opportunities to several targets like individual prospects, job boards, or even agencies in just one click.  

From these, the datum or information placed are directed to a database for easy sorting, comparison, and management.  She said she can actually have it in auto mode depending on the criteria she has set.  With the powerful database, she can have all resumes and information manage for optimal selection, tracking, and even reporting.  She can do all her work with no or minimal paper document usage or routing.

She is very happy with her purchased of this software called Auto Hire.  She is so happy that she is proud to share it with me and actually after seeing what this software can do, I think it is a great software.    She said, I can actually know my prospects here.  It is like I am having a real relationship with them.

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