Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What are your insights about online dating sites? Do you have negative or positive feelings about joining and interacting in such online dating sites? Have you tried looking for a date just or befriend someone you can talk to on a dating site? If you analyse it, there are lots of social networking sites where you can also meet new friends or even land on dates. It all starts with meeting in person or commonly called as eyeball (eb) and eventually lead to knowing each other very well and into a relationship. Whether you admit it or not, we all know that it really happens.

I have a friend who mentioned me about these online dating sites wherein he really does interact with people joining these online dating sites. Some are free and some are not but those that are free have more members. Although social networks are there, it seems faster, convenient and easy to find love in online dating sites than having to befriend them and meet several times before you could find love or relationship. This kind of sites of members those are single from more than 40 different countries. In this kind of sites you could create your profile, upload images and be able to talk to other members through chat and video.

My friend told me that he doesn’t have a plan of seeking love or relationships with these girls but he might be wrong for he met someone that would catch her attention and maybe his heart then there is a chance that he will court this girl. For now, he just told me that he just wanted to enjoy meeting new sets of friends online. I’m not against with online dating sites for as long as you know your limitation especially for the girls, you must know how to take care of yourself, do not trust too much, just enjoy the time and friendship your building with the person you met.

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