Saturday, July 14, 2012


A friend of mine is planning to go to America for one month with her fiance and have been asking me what adventures they both should do there. We were watching a movie and I forgot what it is but it is about traveling somewhere in America and they are on bus tours. So that gave us an idea on what they can do. Travel on bus to enjoy all the beauty of the trip. They can have a trip going to Las Vegas, or the Grand Canyon, or New Mexico, or San Francisco or anywhere they want.

Think of it as your own bus.  Instead of a having car rentals you decided to have bus rentals. The best advantage of getting a bus tour is that there will never be baggage fees or flight delays or even missing baggage during sea or air trips. The luxury of time, the sightseeing, the experience, the stories shared, it will truly be a memorable trip. Plus if happen to be an advocate of green movement, well a trip in a bus tour will certainly be less gas consumption, less cars on the road, meaning lesser carbon footprint.

Now there are planning their trip on what tour to take and maybe have extra time for them alone. That is the most exciting part in having a trip with your love one; enjoy every bit of it and try to know more about your partner. It may be costly but it will surely be worth it.

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