Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Keep your tears to yourself. It’s perfectly normal to be sad after a break up, but don’t let your ex see how much you’re hurting; save those tears for when you are alone or with close friends.

Flirt. Subtly flirt with your ex just enough to make them wonder if breaking up was really the best thing to do.

Enjoy being single. If you enjoy being single, it will send a clear message to your ex that your life is still great even without them in it.

A night out with friends. Make your ex wonder what you’ve been up to by posting vague status updates about your outings with friends.

Make plans. Make casual plans with your ex to grab coffee or lunch and then, the day of, cancel because “something came up.”

Talk about your friends. Don’t be shy about talking about fun things you’ve been doing with your friends of both genders. This is a subtle way to let your ex know that your social life is far from dead.
Don’t rush to respond. If your ex calls or texts you, don’t be in a big hurry to respond. They can wait a day or two to hear from you.

Share, share, share. Share pics of you having fun without your ex on Facebook and Twitter often. This lets you show them how great you’re doing even if you don’t get to see them in person.

Change your hair. A change might do you good, and it might cause your ex to feel jealous of what a good thing they let go.

Work out. Getting in shape will improve your mood, improve your looks, and make your ex jealous, all at the same time.

Dress up. Wear your most flattering outfits as often as possible, especially if you think you might run into your ex. Not only will it make them jealous, it will help boost your self-esteem!

Stop the annoying habits. If you stop doing the things that used to annoy your ex while you were dating, they are sure to notice and may start to regret the break up.

Talk to members of the opposite sex. Simply talking to members of the other gender is usually all it takes to stir up some jealous feelings.

Be a Grown Up. Being bitter and unapproachable when you see your ex is childish and foolish. If you act like a civilized adult when you run into each other, it is likely to make them jealous.

Be Happy. There is often nothing more effective at making an ex jealous than simply being happy despite the break up.

Thanks to 24/7 Bebenta Sa'yo and sugartown for the image.

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